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The Campus has the following main publications to its credit. There are 23 books being published by campus. Following are some of the important publications:

  • Kashmir Shaiva -Darshana
           (By : Dr. Baljinnath Pandit)
  • Vikramankadeva-Charitasya Sahityikam Sarveksanam
           (By :- Dr.Priyatam Chander Shastri)
  • Richa-Rahasya
           (By:- Dr. D.Bhargava)
  • Jaina Jivana Darshana Ki Prishthabhumi
           (By:- Dr. D.Bhargava)
  • Nyayasaravichara
            (By:- Dr. Uma Raman Jha)
  • Grah-Laghava-Karanam
           (By:- Dr.RamaChandra Pandeya)
  • Dashapadarthi
           (By:- Dr.Uma Raman Jha)
  • Raghunatha-Gunodaya Mahakavyam
           (By:- Dr. Ganga Dutta 'Vinod')
  • Jyotisha-Ratna-Mala
           (By:-Shri Bihari Lal Shastri 'Vashishtha')
  • Bija Ganitam
           (By:- Shri Bihari Lal Shastri Vashishtha')
  • Lalita-Satva-Ratnam
           (By:- Dr.B.N.Pandit)
  • Parmarthasara
           (By:-Dr.Dwarikanath Shastri)
  • Saivacharya Nagarjuna and his Twin Hymns
  • Tarkapraveshah
  • Shivayanam(Prof.Baljinath pandit Vayakhyan)
           (By:- Dr.V.M.Shastri)

ShriVaishnavi (ISSN No. 755 2277-906X)
Shikshamritam (ISSN No. 2349-6452)
YEAR ShriVaishnavi Shikshamritam
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2020 View

The annual research journals of the Campus and Dept. of Education are being published regularly. Scholars, who wish to contribute, are requested to send the articles by the end of the month March/April. Article may be sent to the email id- ranbirjmu@gmail.com/shrivaishnavijmu@gmail.com. After scrutinizing the articles scholars will be intimated of the acceptance.

For authors:
  • Sanskrit – Unicode/KritiDev
  • English – Times New Roman
  • Pages – 4-10 in A4 size double space
  • Mode of Sending – CD/Email containing complete fonts used in the article

Of these publications there is great demand of Kashmir Shaiva -Darshana-related books all over the country.